Data Science Community Building

Fred Hutch SciWiki

One way in which I’ve shared what I’ve learned over the years is via a handful of community oriented efforts. One of which is that I lead the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki project, a collaborative documentation and training effort.

The SciWiki project aims to create a curated collection of Fred Hutch oriented documentation regarding policies, resources and tools available to our researchers supporting the generation, analysis and sharing of research data. I coordinate the project and previously supported the Wiki Writer/Editor program at the Fred Hutch.

Fred Hutch Data Science Research Community Slack

I administer a Slack workspace here that supports peer to peer support for researchers at the Hutch, UW, and local institutions working in data intensive areas.

Data Strategy

I served as a Data Strategist for the Hutch Data Commonwealth at the Fred Hutch (9/2016-2/2018), advising with a focus on genomics data, primarily via the evaluation of multiple solutions for deploying bioinformatic workflows to cloud based computing resources, including the evaluation of multiple workflow manager software options in conjunction with Fred Hutch IT.